Addiction is a medical condition that causes a person to develop an unhealthy obsession with an activity or substance. You might have a drug or alcohol addiction and feel as though you cannot get through the day without your substance of choice. Some people have behavior addictions that cause them to engage in risky sexual activities or gamble compulsively. When you decide to get help, you can easily search for addiction counselors near me.

Inpatient Treatment

Many addicts find it helpful to enroll in an inpatient center. Do you worry that you cannot escape the lure of your addiction at home by yourself? With inpatient treatment, you work with professionals who went through addiction counselor courses Colorado to learn how to help people just like you. You can stay for just a short weekend or as long as you want. Many of these centers offer programs that last for a full month or longer. They include counseling sessions where you can discuss what caused your addiction and any concerns that you have about going home at the end of the program.

Outpatient Treatment

Another option that some addicts prefer is outpatient treatment. This is only the best option if you feel that you can control your addiction without someone watching over you 24/7. These programs are also suitable for people who have full-time jobs and cannot get time off of work to get help. If you need to take care of your kids or you have other obligations, look for outpatient treatment centers. Though you may need to attend sessions or meetings during the day, you have the freedom to live at home and spend time with your loved ones.

12-Step Programs

While 12-step programs are a type of outpatient treatment, they do not require as much time. You attend meetings with other addicts where you learn about the steps and work on each one. Start with the first step, which asks you to admit that you have no control over your addiction and that you want to turn your life over to a higher power. Another step asks to make amends to others you hurt due to your past actions. Most 12-step programs in the area have leaders who went through certified addiction counselor training in Colorado programs.

How it Works

Before you search for addiction counselors near me, make sure you know how addiction treatment works. You can talk to your primary care physician and get a referral to a program or ask your insurer for help. Inpatient treatment usually requires that you check in and undergo a physical exam to make sure you’re healthy. The exam can also show whether you need any extra help. All programs also ask you to commit to your treatment and make changes in your life.

Helping Others

If you have any experience with addiction, consider becoming a counselor yourself. Addiction counselor certification programs include many courses that prepare you for your future career. You learn how to keep the privacy of your clients secure and how to help people who have both an addiction and a mental disorder. Once you complete the program, you can look for open positions across the state. CEUs for addiction counselors in Colorado is best for the professional to maintain their license. Contact Colorado Counselor Training to sign up for a certified addiction counselor training Colorado program today or look for a professional who can help with your addiction.