There are so many different career choices available in the realm of addiction therapy and counseling. The demand for certified addiction counselors keeps rising each year. It is a great career choice to get into if you have the right attributes to be a good addiction counselor. This article will talk about some of the attributes one must have before one starts their CAC training to become an addiction counselor. 

Most states in America use the name Certified Addiction Counselor (CAC). Still, this job has many other names like Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) or an Alcohol Drug Counselor (ADC). While the names vary, the training and education you will need remain the same. The attributes you must possess for all these jobs remain the same too.

Attributes Certified Addiction Counselors Must Have:

  • Being a People Person

Having an introverted personality does not rule out being a good therapist; however, it does indicate that you may not be comfortable in a position that demands you to interact with others on an almost constant basis, such as in a hospital or therapy setting.

If you enjoy being in the company of others and interacting with them throughout the day, a career as an addiction counselor may be a good fit for your personality.

  • Being a Good Listener

People who enjoy assisting others and being in the company of others are plenty, but every one of these people can be gifted listeners with outstanding listening skills. When it comes to addiction counseling, though, if you are the type of person that others naturally turn to when they need to talk about something important or close to them, this is a good indication that you will make a great certified addiction counselor.

Someone in recovery is in desperate need of someone with whom they may share their feelings and offload some of the weight they have been holding on to. As an alcohol or drug counselor, you will have to spend a significant amount of time listening to your clients, and therefore if you enjoy listening, you will most likely easily fit into this position.

  • Ability to Handle Stress

You will be assisting a large number of people through some very difficult times, and the outcome can not always be positive. That is a sad fact of what addiction counselors do daily. However, suppose you are the type of individual who can remain calm in the face of difficulties and deal with the stress that often comes with patient care. In that case, you are likely to be an outstanding candidate for a counseling position.

It would be dishonest not to admit that working in the field of substance addiction counseling and therapy can be quite difficult. You will get clients that will be confronted with a diverse range of problems. Many of the patients that seek addiction counseling will be dealing with different mental illnesses, chronic and severe pains, and other conditions, in addition to the psychological and physical toll that addiction has on a person’s well-being. Obviously, this is difficult for the patients themselves, but it can also be overwhelming for the counselor trying to help them.

  • Being Well Organized

Becoming a Certified Addiction Counsellor is a lot more than just speaking to clients and assisting them in working through the challenges they might face through their recovery process. Certified Addiction Counselors have to deal with a significant amount of unwitnessed administrative labor as well. 

As you work toward your certification as a substance abuse counselor, you will learn about the various types of documentation you will be responsible for. This includes devising treatment plans, accumulating records, reaching out to other health care specialists, and keeping track of the progress of each individual client. 

Dealing with a significant amount of paperwork daily is a big part of becoming a CAC, as you need all the data about your patients compiled and processed properly to provide them with the help they need. If you are someone who is already well-organized and confident in your ability to handle the paperwork for a variety of clientele, you will undoubtedly have an advantage over your competitors.

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