Substance abuse is becoming a significant health problem thanks to the lockdowns and isolation. More people are turning to drugs to cope with a host of issues and are searching for a sense of comfort. 

According to the National Center for Drug Abuse, at least 19.4% of the population has tried illegal drugs at least once. These trends became worse with more people needing a way of escaping the stress in the last two years. 

Despite these alarming statistics, you have an opportunity to develop a career that helps people. Those receiving a substance abuse certification have greater opportunities and flexibility with their careers. Here are the four reasons why you should become a counselor and how they can help you. 

Job Security 

One of the problems impacting millions of Americans is job security as changes in the economy lead to layoffs. The uncertainty about when things will turn around adds stress and makes people underemployed. 

Working as a substance abuse counselor means that you will always be in demand. Someone needs help and your services are an invaluable skill that can make a difference in their lives. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for addiction counselors will grow by 23% annually between now and 2030. 

You are entering a growing field where you can pick and choose your career opportunities. 

We recommend getting your substance abuse certification to take advantage of these opportunities. 

Colorado Counselor Training can help with our different programs that are accredited. You will receive some of the best training to prepare you for working in this challenging and lucrative field. All of our programs are state-approved and will help you to become an invaluable asset to your employer. 

Lots of Options 

One of the challenges with many jobs is your prospects for upward mobility are limited. For example, if you are working in the retail sector the prospects for pay and career advancement is challenging. 

Working as a substance abuse counselor allows you to work in different areas. A few of the most notable include nonprofits, schools, community centers, hospitals, and rehab centers. You have a choice of where you want to work and the environment. 

These benefits give you more options in the direction of your career and the people you help. 

Colorado Counselor Training can help you to get your certifications with our different programs. Each one gives you the skills you will need to be successful in this growing and lucrative field. 

Non-Monetary Rewards 

Some careers that pay well require doing things that are unethical or only benefit a certain group of people. Think about it, if you worked at a multinational corporation the biggest focus is on increasing shareholder value. Executives are not interested in their effects on the community or how their activities affect others. 

An addiction counselor is someone that helps people to rebuild their lives and make positive changes for the better. You will receive rewards that go beyond money by making a difference and helping vulnerable people. Teaching them the skills to succeed gives you a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. 

Colorado Counselor Training has different levels of CAC training that can help you to start working in this field. Even if you never went to college, we have a program that will earn your certification and begin a new career. 

Personal Growth 

Working as a substance abuse counselor will teach you new skills and help you to grow as a person. You learn how to work with people from different backgrounds and communicate with them. 

These benefits are something you will not find in many dead-end jobs where you show up and punch in. Instead, you are learning about how to become a better person and experience personal growth in the process. 

Our graduates grow as people and learn what it takes to become productive members of the community. 

Colorado Counselor Training will help you to get the skills you need to succeed as a substance abuse counselor. Our courses will give you the tools you need to become an invaluable member of your community. 

Start Your New Career Today 

These are four reasons why you want to become a substance abuse counselor and how they can help you. Call Colorado Counselor Training today at 970-410-2931 and let us help you to start a new career. These jobs are in high demand and you will become a sought-after commodity by employers. 

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