• Advanced Motivational Interviewing (14 hours)

This CAC III course is designed to be a booster class following Motivational Interviewing introducing the advanced skills including the strategic use of MI, skills to respond to resistance from clients, basic coding skills, elicitation of change talk, developing change plans and deepening commitment language.

  • Clinical Supervision I (21 hours)

This CAC III course is designed to help a counselor learn the models of supervision and tools necessary to use as a standard of supervision practice. In this course the counselor will be exposed to supervision that is tailored to the supervisee’s developmental level of experience. Ethical supervisory practices, including supervision contracts and work verification practices, will be discussed. Videotaping and feedback will assist the participant in developing a standard level od supervisory skills proficiency.

  • Clinical Supervision II (14 hours)

This CAC III course is designed to reinforce the motivational interviewing skills of the supervisor through the use of the MIA-STEP process. MIA:STEP (Motivational Interviewing Assessment: Supervisory Tools for Enhancing Proficiency) will be utilized as a format of supervision. Specialized techniques, coaching, coding, teaching and use of video or audio taping in supervision will be discussed.

  • Professional Practice (7 hours)

This CACC III course will focus on administrative supervision, organizational issues, OBH-licensed treatment agency requirements including policies and procedures, challenges of the current treatment environment, confidentiality concerns in the electronic era, personnel and staff development, measuring performance treatment outcomes, and related topics. In addition, the implications of healthcare reform and future of integrated care will be explored.



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