LAM Ministries is looking for a Service Coordinator or case manager that would be responsible to meet with clients on a weekly bases. LAM Ministries is a addiction Recovery provider in Greeley Co. LAM has 90 day recovery programs along with support groups, drug testing and sober living apartments. We are a faith based program that offers a spiritual perspective to recovery. Your skills would need to be as followed:
CAC I or in training for CAC I
Office skills
Client management
Able to follow directions and policies
Recruit clients to our programs
Be clean and sober
Good people skills
Can work good with others
Work with probation and parole and other treatment centers
Be professional at all times
Communication skills
Problem solving skills

If you have these skills we would love for you to come fill out a application at our main office in Greeley or our Loveland office. Greeley office open Mon-Thur 9-3pm
Loveland office open Wed-Thur 9-1pm
This position will start out as part time and work into more hours after that. If you have further questions please feel free to give us a call 970-978-4016.