The Addiction Training Society needs professionals who have received certified addiction training to work with substance abusers, and Colorado Counselor Training has an extensive addiction training program designed to help you learn how to help substance abusers from all walks of life. Training is affordable, accessible and effective. One reason why our addiction training is so important is because our counselors will routinely deal with members of a population that often find it easy to slip back into their old habits. This is why we need competent, educated, and understanding individuals to help those with substance abuse problems.

Addiction impacts every sector of society. Millions of people struggle with alcohol and drug addictions that affect their lives, livelihood, and families. The good news is that addiction is treatable. With a well-trained addiction counselor, an addicted individual can gain a level of hope needed to see a future free from addiction. While we can’t teach empathy and patience, we encourage our potential counselors to exercise those qualities, which are mission critical traits when working with substance abusers.

Addiction training is needed for individuals to be qualified to help those with substance abuse problems. It’s vital that the correct coursework is taken and that continuing education is constantly pursued not just to maintain certification, but because the addiction training industry is constantly learning and changing based on what has been learned. Those who choose to work with addicts have to be aware of the latest research and methods for treating addictions, and how to document addiction treatment for the judicial system, other government agencies, and private entities involved with helping substance abusers and their families.

Colorado Counselor Training provides addiction training with an emphasis on acquisition and application of the interpersonal skills necessary to interact with and help those who struggle with substance abuse issues. Addicts are a very unique population of individuals who require special forms of treatment to defeat addictions, which is why addiction counseling is an important branch of counseling that has its own challenges and needs. The skill set that you will be required to develop to become an addiction counselor will be considerably different than the skill sets you develop for other types of counseling.

When you complete training with Colorado Counselor Training, you can be confident that you will have the knowledge and the skills necessary to work with those who struggle with substance abuse. We give you a framework and counseling model for working with clients with substance abuse disorders. We believe in client-centered, counselor-directed methods of counseling to help clients understand and change addictive behavior.

You will also get information on how to keep proper documentation, how to maintain industry ethical standards, and how to navigate the legal system as it relates to addiction counselors in Colorado. Our addiction training is comprehensive and affordable and can help you get into a career that is rewarding and satisfying. Addiction counselors have a vital role to play in the legal system and are needed throughout the state. From small towns to big cities, there is no jurisdiction that’s immune to addiction, and addiction doesn’t discriminate by class or income.

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