Addiction counselors are vital members of the mental health community who specialize in helping people suffering or recovering from addiction. If you’re wondering how to become a certified counselor in Colorado, Colorado Counselor Training can help. We’re authorized to provide addiction counselor training within the state and we offer effective, affordable, and accessible training to anyone who may be interested in a rewarding career in addiction counseling.

Before learning how to become a certified addiction counselor in Colorado, you should understand the basics of the field as defined by the state of Colorado. For the purposes of regulation, addiction counseling is defined by Colorado as the application of general theories in methods of counseling and treatment specifically adapted for work with addictive and certain other disorders of behavioral health. Contrary to popular belief, addiction counselors in Colorado do not just help individuals addicted to harmful substances like alcohol or narcotics ‑ if you pursue training as an addiction counselor, you may choose to work with individuals suffering or recovering from addictions to other things like pornography, sex, gambling, food, shopping, etc. Practically any kind of behavior done in excess ‑ to the point where it interferes with your ability to live a happy life and maintain positive interpersonal relationships ‑ can become an addiction that addiction counselors can help with.

When you learn how to become a certified addiction counselor, you learn how to recognize addictive behaviors, the best evidence based strategies for treating those behaviors, how to recognize when a patient should be referred to another professional, dealing with the social structures that surround the patient, strategies for relapse prevention, how to tailor treatment based on each patient’s level of readiness for change, and much more.

In your quest to learn how to become a certified addiction counselor, you may wonder if your degree is all you need to practice as an addiction counselor in Colorado. No, it is not. Once you have your degree and have met all other requirements for a license, you will then need to study addiction counseling specifically, and learn about the rules, regulations, and laws that govern addiction counseling treatment in the state of Colorado, which is where Colorado Counselor Training comes in. We have the courses you need to learn how to become a certified addiction counselor in Colorado.

In order to receive a license to practice as an addiction counselor in Colorado, you’ll have to meet the requirements established by law ‑ which include being at least 21 years old, passing of state recognized exams, and obtaining addiction counselor certification. Colorado Counselor Training is the premier choice for instruction and training to meet Colorado addiction counselor certification requirements.

Founded by an addiction counseling and social work professional with almost three decades of experience in the field, Colorado Counselor Training is the service you need to take the next step in your career as an addiction counselor. If you would like more information on how to become a certified addiction counselor in Colorado, or to register for a course, visit us online at