A longmont School Counselor/Interventionist will be coming open. This job will be officially posted in April. Licensed as an LPC/LCSW or have an MA in school counseling with some clinical experience… most of the counselors, but not all, have both a masters in School counseling and then an additional clinical licensure beyond that. Some of the interventionist are either a school counselor or a licensed clinical social worker but not both. It’s pretty flexible in that area. The team just wants someone that is not afraid to get into classrooms and work with teachers, as well as kids and Families. They are looking for a strong candidate that has both school and clinical experience… Bi-Lingual would be awesome, but not a deal breaker.  I did not know if you know someone that I can reach out to, or if you could share this out and have people contact me directly.  Abby Ruble abbyruble@gmail.com